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Enterprise Mobility and Visibility

In today's competitive landscape companies are streamlining their operations to become more efficient and more responsive to their customers. Having access to information at the point of activity empowers the mobile work force as the decision process becomes instantaneous and more accurate. Wireless technologies could help achieving these goals by providing total enterprise visibility in real-time by answering these prime questions: 

  • What (assets) do we have?
  • How many do we have?
  • Where is it?
  • What is its status?

The basic architecture connecting the "physical world" with information systems is composed of two tiers: data-capture/acquisition and data-transport. While the data-transport tier has few technologies of choice, e.g., WiFi, LTE, etc., the data-capture tier could be implemented in many ways using, e.g., RFID (passive, semi-passive and active), 802.15.4/ZigBee/6LoWPAN, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), etc. For a given application there is usually one or two "best-fit" technologies that would yield feasible and cost effective solution. For example, in a specimen-tracking application in a hospital passive RFID can be used for data-capture and WiFi can be used for data-transport. In the same example, if tracking of the specimen is also required outside the hospital LTE can be used for data-transport.

Our deep understanding of various markets (e.g., Healthcare, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, education, etc.) and our wireless knowledge will ensure superior and differentiated solutions.

Improvement for operation efficiency and accuracy in a warehouse using RFID readers

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