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Mobius Consulting consultants are experts in mobile and wireless technologies. Some of our staff have participated early on in the standards bodies (IEEE 802.11x, 802.15.x, 802.16x, 3GPP) helping to drive adoption of mobile and wireless technologies by the industry at large. Our expertise spans across the radio, network and application layers:

  • WLAN – 802.11b/g/a/n/ac/ad/ah/ax/ay
  • 5G wireless technologies
  • 4G wireless technologies - LTE, LTE-A
  • mmWave wireless communications for backhaul and mobile access
  • HetNets, Small-cells and DAS
  • Enterprise mobility and visibility
  • WiMAX – 802.16d/e (fixed/mobile)
  • ZigBee – 802.15.4
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Backhaul
  • VoIP, VoWLAN
  • Video streaming over WLAN
  • MIMO and smart antenna
  • RTLS – location tracking
  • RFID networks
  • QoS and Security
  • Mesh (ad hoc) networks
  • Mobile applications and services
  • Wearable computing devices
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Muni-wireless
  • Digital Home technologies
  • Smart cities

We are passionate about mobile and wireless technologies! These technologies are changing the way we work, live and play.

We Know Mobile and Wireless