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Dr. Jacob Sharony - Principal Consultant

Dr. Jacob Sharony is an accomplished scientist and executive with over 25 years in technology and business experience, with particular strengths in vision, strategy and technology innovation. He is principal consultant at Mobius Consulting an independent consulting firm focused on mobile and wireless technologies. Dr. Sharony is an adjunct professor of electrical engineering at Columbia university teaching wireless technologies and applications. He was senior principal consultant at Lattice Semiconductor and SiBEAM developing mmWave technology and applications for 5G. Before that he was VP Innovation at Powerwave Technologies a leader in wireless infrastructure solutions. Dr. Sharony was director of network technologies research at SUNY Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology. He spent eight years with Motorola (formerly Symbol Technologies) enterprise mobility division. At Motorola he served as senior director research and development and technology strategy pioneering novel wireless architectures and mobile products. Prior to Motorola he held engineering and management positions in diverse technology disciplines at BAE Systems, NEC Research Institute, and IBM Research. Dr. Sharony received Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Columbia University and MBA from Tel-Aviv University. He has over 50 patents and has published extensively in scientific journals and conferences. He consults and serves as an advisor to industry and government on mobile and wireless technologies, and served on several government expert panels.

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