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Selected Projects

Over the years Mobius Consulting have been involved in many projects in different enterprise and vertical markets. We have listed selected projects using our extensive experience and expertise:

  • Delivering 4G LTE access from unmanned aircraft systems / drones to mobile phones and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Backhaul for small-cells and fixed wireless access using mmWave technology (60 GHz)
  • Smart home applications using 802.11ad (WiGig)
  • Feasibility study - High altitude balloons for connecting rural and underserved areas
  • Multi-radio 802.11ac mesh backhaul
  • Integrated LTE and WiFi small-cell (picocell)
  • WiFi DAS solution for subway system
  • Incheon Songdo 'ubiquitous smart city'
  • Wireless data collection for industrial field applications using ZigBee/WiFi/3G
  • Asset and specimen tracking in healthcare facilities, e.g., hospitals, using RFID and WiFi
  • Multi-radio mesh architecture for wireless access and backhaul using WiFi and WiMAX
  • Wireless utility (gas, electric) meter reading using ZigBee and WiFi as part of smart-grid applications
  • Comparative study of 4G wireless technologies (WiMAX, LTE, UMB)
  • Synchronization of mobile-WiMAX (802.16e-2005) base stations
  • Protocols for wireless mesh radios for public safety & first responders communications network
  • VoWLAN capacity and admission control
  • System analysis and design of a MIMO-based distributed antenna system (DAS) architecture
  • Bandwidth management in WLAN’s
  • Reliable multicast wireless video streaming
  • Interactive multimedia mobile applications
  • Mobile device security and biometrics
  • Mobility effects on WLAN’s using MIMO technology
  • System issues with MIMO LAN’s - Roaming
  • Energy efficient mobile systems
  • Mesh network architectures
  • Improving RFID reading reliability using MIMO
  • Sensor networks for security

Mobile and wireless technologies have had a profound effect on almost every company resulting in improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness and productivity.

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