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Carrier-WiFi and the HetNet

Mobius Consulting and Mobile Experts investigated Carrier Wi-Fi from multiple directions, analyzing AP's, mobile network integration, handset trends, and semiconductor product availability. We talked to over 30 companies to triangulate on the technology and business models that will emerge for Carrier Wi-Fi deployment.

This market study includes more than 60 charts and tables, including 5-year forecasts for:

Access points, with breakouts by standard, by indoor/outdoor, and by integration with DAS and small cells;

Controllers and the evolution to cloud controllers and network integration;

User devices and adoption of multi-band Wi-Fi, including 802.11ac, 802.11ad, and 802.11ah;

Chipset trends in UE and in APs;

Software for authentication, integration, and network intelligence;

Market Shares for each market segment.

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