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Who We Are

Mobius Consulting is a mobile and wireless technology management consulting firm. Our company was founded in 2004, by a team of industry and academic experts with extensive knowledge of wireless networking, enterprise mobility, and cloud technologies.

What We Offer

Here at Mobius, we offer independent mobile and wireless consulting services ranging from technology strategy and system analysis to solutions and applications development, by leveraging our extensive experience in WiFi, 4G LTE, RFID, RTLS, and M2M.

Our Expertise

We provide our extensive knowledge and experience in mobile and wireless technologies, combined with our deep knowledge of target markets, including enterprise, telecom, healthcare, transportation, energy, logistics, and supply chain.

Mobile and Wireless Consulting from Experts

Recent advances in mobile and wireless technologies have created new opportunities in the marketplace. It is now possible to completely transform the way enterprises operate and do business. This transformation will make businesses more cost-effective, more efficient and more productive. On the other hand, this will create new technical and business challenges that we are ready to solve and provide innovative solutions.




MyCTO is a technology strategy management advisory service geared towards C-level executives, CEO/CTO/CIO, in various enterprise and vertical markets. This service can last from a few hours per month to more elaborate engagements for a monthly retainer fee. It is made flexible to fit the executive specific needs and it is given by our principal consultant. Read more...

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